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swiss made

New perspectives – cutting edge modern technology 

Cost reduction combined with higher quality and productivity offer companies new perspectives and competitive edge thanks to our novel innovative modern technology.

Up to one third of baking time is reduced. You gain tremendous baking space volume which allows you to increase your production without further investments. Your advantage spans across days, weeks and years. Not only do you gain baking space, you also have the possibility to schedule your production and thereby benefit from additional cost reductions as well as create attractive working conditions. Our system has self-cleaning properties. Your employees can focus on other value adding activities. Our systems conform to strict food industry hygienic regulations at no additional costs.

Our innovative, maintenance-free, highly compact, self-cleansing and automated fresh cooling system advantages are combined and culminate into one powerful asset.

Allow us to introduce ourselves and explain the principle to you at our regularly held information events in collaboration with IGV GmbH and Jacques Gabriel AG. Craft bakers and experts invite you during operational hours that lets you experience our fresh cooling systems’ advantages first hand.

We look forward to welcome you at our next Workshop

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